Committee Chairman List           

2016-2017 Committees                                 Chairman Email Chairman
Accessiblilty Pat Umbarger Email  Pat
Aktion Club Howard Jackson Email Howard
Audit Gary Gray Email Gary
Awards Tim McDannold Email Tim
Builders Club Carole Farris Email Carole
Circle K Camille Goulet Email Camille
Club Leadership Education (CLE) Master Instructor Roy Talley Email Roy
CLE Master Instructor Lanie Wheeler Email Lanie
Club & Division Bulletin Contest Debbie Scheibel Email Debbie
Cal-Nev-Ha Magazine Online Editor Debbie Scheibel Email Debbie
Convention Site & Selection Pete Horton Email Pete
Credentials Karen Gibbs Email Karen
District Convention Stuart (Stu) Anderson Email Stu
Elections Tom Millham Email Tom
Finance Pete Horton Email Pete
First Lady's Project Jeannette Edwards Email Jeannette
Formula Team Roy Talley Email Roy
Governor's Official Visit Ann Isaacs Email Ann
Historian Bob Erikson Email Bob
Human & Spiritual Values   Email the office
Inter-club Wil Morgan Email Wil
International Convention (On to) Rocci Barsotti Email Rocci
International Review (IRC) Nelson Tucker Email Nelson
K-Kids Jeff Ott Email Jeff
Key Club Doug Gin Email Doug
Key Club Assistant Administrator Marshall Roberson Email Marshall
Key Leader Donna Jander Email Donna
Key Leader Assistant DA North Mike Akana Email Mike
Key Leader Assistant DA South Natali Galt Email Natali
Kiwanis Education Tony Molino Email Tony
Kiwanis Family Relations Stacie Marotta Email Stacie
Kiwanis Family Relations Kathi Tran Email Kathi
Kiwanis International Foundation Herman Platzke Email Herman
Kiwanis One Day Terri Neumann Email Terri
KIWIN'S Ken Umbarger Email Ken
KIWIN'S Assistant Administrator Mahmood Bashir Email Mahmood
Laws & Regulations Tom Buchenau Email Tom
Leadership Development Coordinator Lanie Wheeler Email Lanie
Mid-Year Conference North Cindy Gin Email Cindy
Mid-Year Conference South Diane deBourguignon Email Diane
Parliamentarian Pat Liddell Email Pat
Partnership Coordinator Mike Fields Email Mike
Past District Governors Alan Guire Email Alan
Patriotism Al Smith Email Al
Policy Bob Wikoff Email Bob
Public Relations Steve Dreyer Email Steve
Realignment Rich Fuller Email Rich
Resolutions Tom Buchenau Email Tom
Risk Manager Robert Kolstad Email Robert
Rose Float Ernie Arnold Email Ernie
Sergeant-at-Arms Carole Farris Email Carole
Service Brian Dahlquist Email Brian
Strategic Planning Gary Jander Email Gary
Treasurer Selection Alan Guire Email Alan
Webmaster District Office Email the office
Webmaster Contest (Member Recognition) Debbie Scheibel Email Debbie
Youth Protection Manager Gary Johnson Email Gary