Service Leadership Programs (SLP)

What opportunities are there in my community for my whole family to serve?

Kiwanians around the globe have one common goal: To serve the children of the world. Kiwanis advocates this vision every day by providing opportunities to serve for every member of a community through Service Leadership Programs. Through these opportunities, youth and young adults around the world become competent, capable, and compassionate leaders.

Key Leader - for youth leaders

Key Leader Logo

Key Leader is a leadership experience for today's youth leaders. It focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership development experience. A Key Leader learns the most important lesson of leadership—leadership comes from helping others succeed. Click here for more information about the Key Leader program, including upcoming dates scheduled for Cal-Nev-Ha.

CKI - for college students


Circle K is the largest collegiate community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. Three words describe the California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Circle K International: Loud, Proud, Best. With over 2,490 incredible members, unbelievable service projects, and outstanding leadership, the CNH Circle K organization leaves a lasting impact on many individuals and communities. To learn more about the people and the activities that CNH Circle K can do, check out their awesome website!

Key Club - for high school students

Key Club International is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. Key Clubbers pledge to build their homes, schools, and communities and that's just what the Cali-Nev-Ha District of Key Club International does! With 44,705 members working together, they make a difference wherever they can. Volunteering, leadership, and friendships are what set the CNH District apart from everyone else. Check out their website to find an abundance of resources, important dates, and access to their district publication, the KEY!

KIWIN's - for high school students

As a student led, high school organization of over 2,366 members that serve the California-Nevada-Hawaii District, KIWIN’S creates a family oriented, team building experience for the students and the community. Their success is the “ROCKING” service they provide and the leaders they create. To learn more about KIWIN’S, visit their website!

Builders Club - for middle school and
junior high students

There are 135 Builders Clubs in the Cal-Nev-Ha District.  These clubs allow middle school and junior high students the opportunity to contribute service to school and community. Leadership development and guidance at this critical stage of personal development makes Builders Club an effective contributor to a service-learning curriculum. For more information about CNH Builders Club, visit them on the web!

KKids - for elemetary students

K-Kids is a student-led community service club for elementary students that teaches members the value of helping others through participation in community service projects and club activities.  There are 101 K-Kids clubs in the Cal-Nev-Ha District.

Terrific Kids

A student recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem, and perseverance.  Students work with their classroom teacher and establish goals to improve behavior, peer relationships,attendance, or schoolwork.
Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, Capable.

Bring Up Grades (BUG)

A program designed to provide recognition to students who raise their grades into an acceptable range, and maintain or continue to raise them from one grading period to the next.

Aktion Club - for adults with disabilities

Aktion Club is the only community-service club for adults living with disabilities. It provides over 818 members an opportunity to develop initiative and leadership skills in serving their communities, while enabling their integration into society. Aktion Club members strive to return to their communities the benefits, help, and caring they have received, as well as develop important skills in the process.